BIOCHASSE (concentrate)

BIOCHASSE (concentrate)

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1L of concentrate gives 20L of biostimulant (1:20) for foliar watering.

1L of concentrate gives 10L of biostimulant (1:10) for direct use on the ground.

Biostimulants are the next generation's choice for sustainable agricultural production and are gradually becoming an alternative to synthetic chemicals.

The properties of the plant biostimulant;

-Suitable for red spider problems

-Very rich in silicon, it also contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium.

-Improves physiology

-Improves the quality of plant cultures

-Improves the abundance of metabolites

-Stimulates the responses of the defenses of recipient plants

-Can be used during flowering

-For indoor and outdoor planting


-Not safe for bees during flowering

Active ingredients: various alkaloids; nicotinic acid; magnesium; calcium; potassium; iron; sodium; silicon.


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